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Yerevan Zoo, Yerevan, Armenia

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The Yerevan Zoo, also known as the zoological garden of Yerevan, was established in 1940. The garden takes up an area of about thirty-five hectares. At present the garden counts about 1500 different animals and 260 species.
The Yerevan Zoo, though underfunded, has come through a very rough period it experienced in the early 1990s during blockade and energy crisis. A visit now will take you through a tour of many animals both native to Armenia and from abroad.
The Yerevan Zoo was founded in 1940. After a period of difficulty during the 1990s, the zoo is in better economic shape today. The zoo hosts elephants, eagles, bears, camels and 260 other animal species. Waterworld is a water park in Yerevan.
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Yerevan zoo, so I’m sure many of the animals can be sold or donated to it. It is unfair to these defenseless animals that they be subjected to such disasterous conditions.
* Yerevan Zoo - zoological park on the outskirts of the city center. * Haghtanak Bridge (Victory Bridge) - crossing the Hrazdan Gorge from the Brandy Factory to the Wine Factory.
Yerevan Zoo has finally found a partner. But instead arriving directly from South Asia, Hrantik’s girlfriend comes from where many Armenian guys go to for fun – Russia.
YAY! I finally went to the Yerevan Zoo, which I had planned to visit for months.
ELEPHANT IN YEREVAN ZOO FEELS BLUE WITHOUT FEMALE COMPANION - YEREVAN, JANUARY 19, ARMENPRESS: An Armenian delegation is negotiating with Sri Lanka authorities to get a female companion for the only male elephant in Yerevan's Zoo.
Yerevan zoo this year, up from 156 million last year. Mr. Sahakian said this sum is enough to meet all demands. He said animals have as much food as they can eat.
The Yerevan Zoo has one such specie-it is Przhevalsky horse. Armenian bezoar (Capra aegagrus) and moufflon are being bred by the Zoo and released.
The Yerevan Zoo opens its doors to visitors every year on May 1. It is a special event for children and parents say that their children wait impatiently for this day to come.
Yerevan Zoo has always been under the care and support of the Government of Armenia which annually allocates sufficient funds for maintenance and necessary construction work of the Zoo". According to Dr.
the Yerevan Zoo are included in the International Red Book and live in very comfortable cages, terrariums, open-air cages, aquariums, serpentariums and other facilities.
animals from Yerevan Zoo in Colombo Zoological garden will always be a token and symbol of our strong friendship.
The Yerevan Zoo has launched its own method of prevention against bird flu, after news that the disease has now reached Georgia.
In 2007, the Yerevan Zoo hosted a "wedding ceremony" for the arrival of Candy from Moscow's Animal Theatre. A new facility was built for the two elephants at this time as well.
abominable conditions of the Yerevan Zoo where the elephant was to be sent; In India, ‘Veda’ had been living with a herd of elephants in the Bannerghatta Biological Park, Karnataka, where they have freedom of movement, given adequate food and water and taken to the forest in the
We understand that the Yerevan Zoo has a male elephant and the authorities there are trying to get a female for it. We are certainly saddened by the solitary existence of the male elephant. However, it is not just a case of finding a mate.
Yerevan Zoo of Armenia - needs to get laid. A lobbying campaign by some activists calls on the Sri Lankan government not to send Asokamala to Hrantik.
I was at the Yerevan Zoo in early October. They had a very nice collection, including a black panther, a lion, 2 hippos, snakes. But the space was cramped.
gift to the Yerevan Zoo in Armenia,” announced Compassion Unlimited Plus Action founder Suparna Ganguly on April 29.
the Yerevan Zoo in December 2004, in consummation of an “arranged marriage” brokered in 1999 by then-Indian prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Veda was a last-minute substitution for the original “bride,” Komala, age 8, of the Mysore Zoo.
“The Yerevan Zoo has no elephants because each time they get them, the elephants die,” Mrs. Gandhi told Prime Minister Singh. “One elephant was shot dead when he escaped in the early 1970s.
Armenia: Yerevan Zoo in Bad Shape - Monday, October 3rd, 2005 @ 19:46 UTC by Nathan Hamm Countries: Armenia Topics:
Veda, which is to be sent to the Yerevan Zoo in Armenia. BANGALORE, DEC. 25. For this young female elephant, this is a journey she may never want to embark on.
Bannerghatta Biological Park to the Yerevan Zoo in Armenia in West Asia. The proposed transfer is in disregard of animal welfare guidelines, legal provisions and government policies, according to Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA).
case the Yerevan Zoo authorities) has adequate facilities to take care of it. However, in this case, no inquiry about the conditions at the Yerevan Zoo has been made by the Chief Wildlife Warden of the park, the State Government or the Centre.