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Woburn Safari Park, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

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Woburn Safari Park is a safari park located in Woburn, Bedfordshire in the UK. Visitors to the park can drive through the large animal exhibits, which contain species such as White Rhino, Elephants, Tigers and Black Bears.
Woburn Safari Park first opened in 1970, established by the 13th Duke of Bedford on the grounds of his estate, Woburn Abbey, as a means to help improve the financial position of the estate and restore the Abbey, which had fallen into disrepair during the second world
progress has been made to enhance Woburn Safari Park's conservation activities. Woburn Safari Park manages the Eastern Bongo breeding programme in Europe, one of the rarest large mammals in Africa, and has recently constructed one of the world's largest hoofstock facilities; the African Ungulate Conservation Centre.
Woburn Safari Park in Woburn, Bedfordshire UK, promises an exciting day out for the family at great prices. The extensive grounds forming the Road Safari already excel expectations, where car visitors see dangerous animals like Amur Siberian Tigers up close.
Woburn Safari Park is well accoutered with dining and children’s play areas. Visitors enjoy ecologically friendly meals, with hot piping food like Roast Chicken or Safari Breakfast at the Safari Restaurant or a yummy fast food option at Two by Two Restaurant.
Woburn Safari Park opens 10am-5pm during summer and 11am-3pm in winter. The Wild World Leisure Area with the Foot Safari only closes at 6 or 6.30pm. Adults pay £10.50-£18.50 and children £8.50-£13.50, depending on season. In winter, Woburn Safari Park opens on weekends only.
Woburn Safari Park is the ultimate safari adventure experience in the UK. Take a drive around the Park and see tigers, lions, wolves and bears plus many other wild animals close-up.
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Woburn Safari Park is bursting with so many activities to do and animals to see, that one article can hardly do it justice.
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Our brand new course at Woburn Safari Park is now open. So why not join us, and combine the excitement and thrill of Go Ape with the fun of Britain's largest drive through Safari and Foot Safari.
Parking at Woburn Safari Park is FREE.
In recent years, Woburn Safari Park has developed a 15 year conservation strategy so that the Park can play its role in safeguarding the future of some of the endangered species.
Woburn Safari Park works closely with a number of other animal collections around Europe through the UK and Ireland Zoo Federation (the European Association for Zoos and Aquaria) in supporting captive breeding programmes which aim to maintain the genetic diversity of endangered species within the zoos and
Woburn Safari Park is approximately one hours drive from London, Oxford, Cambridge, Stratford, Birmingham and Leicester. Take exit 13 off the M1 motorway, or leave the A5 at Hockliffe for the A4012. Woburn Safari Park is well signed from these locations.
The chief executive officer of Woburn Safari Park said that the decision to kill the entire monkey colony was made after consultation with British authorities, including the Health and Safety Executive and the Zoo Licensing Authority.
Woburn Safari Park is a great family day out. Take the safari drive trail around the park as many times as you like, visiting rhinos, lions, tigers, elephants and many more.
Woburn Safari Park by pricklysarah on Woburn Safari Park offers a real safari adventure in your car. Tour reserves with wild tigers, lions, bears, wolves, buffalo, rhinos, elephants, monkeys, ...