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Waterways Wildlife Park, Gunnedah, Australia

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Waterways wildlife park at Gunnedah, which is operated by Mr Colin Small and his wife, Nancy. For 20 years the couple has been caring for injured animals in the north and northwest.
Waterways Wildlife Park at Gunnedah for the past 37 years, but has never seen so many desperate animals as she has over the past year. "We have had 12 baby koalas brought in just in the last few months," she said.
Small, who runs the rescue centre at the Waterways Wildlife Park in Gunnedah, a town 350 km (218 miles) northwest of Sydney that boasts a large koala population, said mother koalas were abandoning babies to hunt for water.
Wildlife worker Nancy Small from Waterways Wildlife Park in Gunnedah said the koala was on a regular trip to mark out a circle and he would claim the female koalas inside.


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