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Tallinn Zoo, Tallinn , Estonia

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Tallinn Zoo in Tallinn, Estonia, was founded in 1939 and today houses more than 5,400 animals, representing nearly 350 species.
Tallinn Zoo was founded on 25 August 1939. The main responsibility for the preparations of this event lay with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Department of Tourism and Nature Preservation.
Tallinn Zoo came under the jurisdiction of Tallinn City Government and has operated as a municipal institution ever since.
Tallinn Zoo, being the only zoo in the country, has already today to give its best as a so-called embassy of wild animals. Apparently there is no zoo that could perfectly manage a collection of too many species.
that Tallinn Zoo was a bit disappointing. Some of the animals had very small and boring cages, and I felt sorry for them. But it looks like something was about to change. The elephants had a quite new and large area, and a sign...
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Tallinn zoo is an old fashioned zoo, some of the enclosures are very small, with concrete floors and dilapidated. It is very important to remember that like most of Eastern Europe, progress takes time, investment and money, but progress is being made.
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Tallinn Zoo in beautiful greenery All must see events in Tallinn for June and July in one place Who we are and what we do continues...
Tallinn Zoo in beautiful greenery = The gardeners of Tallinn Zoo proudly present a fun collection of tropical and sub tropical potted plants.
Tallinn Zoo announced it has installed web cameras in the leopard enclosure. The zoo is home to one of the rarest cats in the world, the Amur leopard. Scientists believe there are only 30-35 of these creatures still living in the wild.
can be found at the Tallinn Zoo, which boasts one of the largest collections in this part of Europe. The extensive grounds include various habitats, a number of aquariums and an elephant house.
Earlier this month the Tallinn Zoo in Estonia welcomed a baby Ural owl chick. Contrary to their soft exterior, Ural owls are actually quite aggressive and will even swoop down to attack humans, particularly when chicks are present.
Tallinn Zoo lies on the western outskirts of the city. The visitor number lies around 600.000 a year, probably mostly locals, - I doubt that many tourists find their way out there (though bus 21 and trolley 7 will take you right to the entrance).
famous Tallinn Zoo which has over 5,400 animals belonging to 350 species . Valid from 15th November 2008 to 5 th January 2009.
The Tallinn Zoo has one of the most exciting collection of animals in Scandinavia. The Zoo is home to over 5400 animals. The petting Zoo (open only in summer) is a delight for children. They can meet hamsters, rabbits and other small animals.
lot of them! Tallinn Zoo defies the realities of a relatively modest town - it features all the elephants and crocodiles a visitor would expect to see in a larger zoo, as well as a breathtaking maze of