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Singapore Zoo, Singapore

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From the beginning, Singapore Zoo followed the modern trend of displaying animals in naturalistic, 'open' exhibits, i.e. with hidden barriers, behind moats and shrubbery etc. It also houses the largest captive colony of orangutans in the world.
On 23 June 1973, the Singapore Zoo opened its gates for the first time with a collection of 270 animals from over 72 species, and a staff of 130.
* Free and unlimited entry to Singapore Zoo for whole year * Free Zoo tram rides and parking * A free quarterly "Wildlife wonders" magazine * 10% discount at some participating retail outlets Organizing events
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We visited the singapore zoo on an organised tour with tour east. Firstly we had breakfast with the orangutans. One word to describe it - breathtaking!!! You really do get up close and personal with them.
Visiting Singapore Zoo is tiresome especially if you have folks who are in the mid...
The Singapore Zoo is quite a big place. A little bit of planning with make your trip there more enjoyable. Here are some tips for enjoying the Zoo: The Animal Shows 1.
The Singapore Zoo has a well-thought-out animal feeding schedule. It is worthwhile to follow their so-called 'feeding trails' - there's nothing like seeing animals during meal time.
Bored proboscis monkey, Singapore Zoo Bored proboscis monkey, Singapore Zoo Without a doubt the top three attractions in the area, the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and Bird Park offer joint tickets valid for one month: adult combination tickets to any two attractions cost $30,
We visited the Singapore Zoo with our three year old daughter on our stopover back to Australia. We did not take a guided tour but took a taxi direct from our hotel. This was not expensive.
The Singapore Zoo is something different. The layout of the zoo allows guests to roam around the zoo, being close to many animals and their environment.
1pm to 6:30pm Singapore Zoo (6pm is when the zoo closes) 6:30pm to 7:30pm dinner time at the food court or the buffet 7:30 to night visit the Night Safari This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor
Night Safari & Singapore Zoo Apr 10, 2008 The Singapore Zoo is an absolute must see, while visiting Singapore.
Singapore Zoo & Night Safari Nov 23, 2007 The Singapore Zoo is a great place for both children and adults. Among all the zoos in Southeast Asia, this is probably the best and is well-worth the visit.
Singapore Zoo and night safari, been shopping in Chinatown, been on the reverse bungy (very exhilarating, shot up 60m into the air at 200km/hr and G-force 5!), been to Orchard Rd to see the Christmas lights (stunning), been to Suntec City to see the largest… read more
Singapore Zoological Gardens) is acclaimed as one of the world's most spectacular zoos. The use of natural barriers like streams, rock walls and vegetation to separate animals from visitors enhances the "open" zoo concept.
The Singapore Zoological Gardens is set in a rainforest environment with an open concept where animals are kept in beautifully landscaped and spacious enclosures stimulating that of their natural habitats. The animals are separated from 1.
However, the Singapore Zoo also recognizes a legitimate need to obtain animals from the wild for various programs, namely, conservation breeding, education or basic biological studies, therefore it has to be confident that such acquisitions from the wild will not cause a decline in the wild population.
Although the Singapore Zoo is set in a rainforest environment, meaning lots of trees and shade, the best time to visit it is early in the morning, when the weather is cool. The Zoo opens its doors daily at 8.
Send Photo to a FriendThe Singapore Zoo has one of the finest and beautiful collection of animals in the world. You can have breakfast with the Orang Utans (Ah Meng is the popular star).
Singapore Zoological Gardens & Night Safari: animals prowling in the night * Tip Rating: * By NukeDoc on September 23, 2004
Transport to Singapore Zoo from Tanjong Pagar Train Station + Luggage Storage by: Gabriel Tan Hi there the Malaysia-Singapore train ends at the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, along Keppel Road.
The Singapore Zoo has storage facilities for bags. These are coin-operated lockers - at $3 per locker. You'll find the locker room to the right of the ticketing booth at the entrance. Each locker can hold up to a reasonably sized haversack.
The taxi from Tanjong Pagar to Singapore Zoo is likely to set you back S$15-20. However, there's a peak hour surcharge of 35% on the metered fare before 0930 on a weekday. So your fare is likely to be about S$20-28 per taxi.
Singapore Zoo welcomes baby pygmy hippo! eugenebeo wrote 3 days ago: Singapore Zoo welcomes baby pygmy hippo! Meet Divo, the latest addition to the pygmy hippo fami … more → Tags: stomp, Singapore, Singapore Kopitiam, Singapore forum, Singaporetrivia, sunkopitiam
Inaugurated in 1973, the Singapore Zoological Gardens offers one of the best experience of its kind in Southeast Asia, comparable to the one of the Dusit Zoo in Bangkok. Occupying an area of 28 hectares, it hosts 315 animals, of which 16% are threatened species.
The Singapore Zoo and its entire land area of 28 hectares are set in an environment similar to a natural dense rainforest on the edge of a huge freshwater reservoir called the Seletar Reservoir.
the various animals, the Singapore Zoo is more importantly an educational venue that gives high importance to the effective dissemination of information about animals and what we can do to conserve wildlife.
A visit to the Singapore zoo is the closes thing anyone in Singapore will get to the Safari experience ever, from the safety of well constructed and fascinating enclosures.
The Singapore zoo is very much a primal destination, a place where some part of us is awaken and no matter how old we are, we start to become children - pointing and smiling .
For not, the Singapore zoo is festooned with many animal exhibits, from the traditional orang utan all the way to animals from the fragile forests all over the world.
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* Singapore Zoo Photos on Flickr Read All (5) Travel Articles * Singapore Flying into Singapore is a lot like flying into any large city.
At the world-renowned Singapore Zoo, 40 hectares of dense forest are home to over 132 species, 25% of which are endangered. The stars of the show include giant flying squirrels, tapirs, giraffes and tigers, all in naturalistic habitats.
See the orangutans at Singapore Zoo on a morning tour from Singapore, with the option of enjoying a wild breakfast with these fascinating animals. Singapore Zoo has the world's most successful orangutan-breeding program, and the largest social colony of these highly intelligent primates.
Singapore Zoo is in the north of the island at Mandai, by the serene Seletar Reservoir, and is immensely proud of its orangutan-breeding program.
the Singapore Zoo houses almost 4,000 animals in its 40 hectares, giving visitors the chance to come eyeball-to-eyeball with orangutans, white tigers, kangaroos, elephants, baboons, boas, polar bears, and New World monkeys, among others.
* Tiger Trek: Singapore Zoo is home to a few specimens of white tigers, living alongside the more familiar Bengal species. The exhibit comes with an interactive show that sells the conservation message to visitors.
The Singapore Zoo website features different ways of getting to and from the area. Adults pay S$16.50 for admission, children from 3-12 years of age pay S$8.50.