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Parassinikkadavu Snake Park, India

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Jump to: navigation, search Parassinikkadavu Snake Park A statue in the snake park Indian Spectacled Cobra Snakes having Chicken Snake eating a chicken Inside the park Demonstration class in the snake park Parassinkkadavu Snake Park is about 16 km away from Kannur town in the Kannur district
A statue in the Parassinikkadavu Snake Park A statue in the Parassinikkadavu Snake Park Map of Kerala showing location of ParassinikkadavuMap of India showing location of Kerala Location of ParassinikkadavuParassinikkadavu Location of Parassinikkadavu in Kerala and India Country
Parassinkkadavu is noted for the Parassinikkadavu Snake Park which is committed to the preservation and conservation of snakes. There are about 150 varieties of snakes including the spectacled cobra, King cobra, Russell's viper, Krait and Pit Viper living in the park.
The Parassinikkadavu Snake Park is committed to the preservation and conservation of snakes as most species of the reptile are on the verge of extinction.
Parassinikkadavu Snake park - Nearest railway station : Kannur, about 16 km Parassinikkadavu Snake park - Nearest airport : Karipur International Airport, Kozhikode about 93 km from Kannur.
officials at the Parassinikkadavu snake park in Kannur on Sunday, were found dead while being transported to a pond in the park, a top wildlife official said on Tuesday.
Parassinikkadavu Snake Park is dedicated to preservation and conservation of snakes, most of which are getting extinct gradually. It has many snake pits and glass cases especially made only for king Cobras.
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