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Novosibirsk Zoo, Novosibirsk , Russia

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The Novosibirsk Zoo houses as many as 2,320 animals of 397 species, a third of them rare or endangered.
Novosibirsk Zoo where he found the closest living resemblance to the cape lion; the zoo called him Simon. The lion and his family are kept outdoors in large, natural settings.
The Novosibirsk Zoo is a world renowned scientific institution as well as a popular tourist attraction. The zoo has over four thousand species of animals and is an active participant of thirty-two different endangered species.
Novosibirsk Zoo is the only in the world where Argali and Putoransky Ram are preserved. 6. The prettiest girls live here! 7.
The Novosibirsk Zoo keeps 4000 animals of 399 species. More than 120 species are entered into the Red Book. A zoological team participates in 32 international programs on preservation and reproduction of rare and endangered species.
As director of the Novosibirsk zoo Rostislav Shilo has told RIA Novosti, the 18-month old female wolf has been delivered from one of the Hungarian zoos within the framework of the international programmes for the breeding of rare animals and animals on the verge of extinction.
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The Novosibirsk zoo has already built a spacious open-air cage for the future couple. The zoo's employees intend to breed this rare species of wolves, which because of their long legs look higher than ordinary wolves.
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Novosibirsk Zoo - the 1st zoological park in Siberia founded by the initiative of M.D. Zverev on 29.08.1947 for a long time remained the only zoo in Siberia. The collection of animals numbered 34 mammal species and 20 bird species.
Novosibirsk Zoo possesses one of the world best collections of the Felidae and the Mustelidae. The zoo is a member of the 3 International Associations.
The Novosibirsk zoo is a great place for families! The zoo features many species of animals. They even have a liger! The zoo is large and includes an indoor exibit. The zoo itself is very clean and animals are kept in great condition.
Send Photo to a FriendThe Novosibirsk Zoo is a large park with a great collection of animals, including Siberian tigers.