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Night Safari, Singapore

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The Night Safari is the world's first nocturnal zoo and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore.
Constructed at a cost of S$63 million, the Night Safari was officially opened on 26 May 1994 and occupies 40 hectares (0.4 km²) of secondary rainforest adjacent to the Singapore Zoo and Upper Seletar Reservoir.
The Night Safari received its 11 millionth visitor on 29 May 2007.
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A trip to the Singapore Night Safari is something that shouldn't be missed... more Igougo.
Stop by Night Safari’s very own retail outlets for a souvenir to remember your magical journey.
Send Photo to a FriendSingapore's Night Safari is the first wildlife park in the world that is built and dedicated for visits at night.
With the Night Safari being so special, it is a top attraction for visitors from all over the world. And because of this, I often get asked on how do one get to Night Safari.
An inexpensive transport to get you to the Night Safari is via the bus at $4 per trip. It will bring you back to the city for $4 per person.
Award Winning Night Safari is a first in the world. Home to more than 900 animals and 130 species in Asia’s illuminated zoo in the night. Join us for a wild night adventure.
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Traveler Description: Night Safariis a unique experience billed as "the world's first wildlife park built for visits at night". Through the use of special lighting... more » Know about Night Safari? Share your expertise with other travelers. Add to this description now.
Visited the Night Safari for the third time last month, it just gets better.
The Night Safari covers an area of 40 hectares of secondary jungle with the Seletar Reservoir providing a beautiful backdrop. A tram ride, upon arrival at the Night Safari is the easiest way to familiarize you with the large grounds.
Night Safari is home to over 1,000 animals comprising over 100 species in a 100-acre (40-hectare) jungle within the Selecta Preserve, serving as a dramatic backdrop for the prowl.
Night Safari was created to be seen only under the cover of darkness giving you the opportunity to encounter the fascinating habits of a variety of the world’s nocturnal species.
Night safari in Singapore, the first ever nocturnal zoo of the world, is a fantastic tourist attraction of Singapore. Dr Ong Swee Law, who was the executive chairman of Singapore Zoo, first came up...
1994, when this Night Safari was opened in Singapore. Built at a cost of about S$63 million, this Night Safari occupies an area of around 40 hectares.
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going for the night safari in the evening . Thats what we did and it was a really entertaining day. This is one place you'll never get bored at.The animals are well behaved and well maintained.
Night Safari & Singapore Zoo Apr 10, 2008 The Singapore Zoo is an absolute must see, while visiting Singapore.
The Night Safari is unusual in that there are some great cultural shows as well as the animal shows. The tram ride through the zoo is highly recommended - at least during the night safari.
I loved Singapore but the Night safari was a ghastly experience. I hated it.. The night I went we queued for ages. We had no idea what it was all about. We had paid for a ticket the day before at the bird park.
“Singapore Night Safari”Save Review 3 of 5 stars Typhoon21 5 contributions England Jan 14, 2009 1/1 found this review helpful My wife and I booked a trip on the Singapore Night Safari mid April (2008) using a tour company advertised in the lobby of the Miramar
The night safari in Singapore zoo was probably the worst experience I ever had in Singapore. To be exact, we were VERY DISSAPPOINTED with it.
A trip to the Singapore Night Safari is something that shouldn't be missed. We ended our day at the zoo by walking over to the night safari and had dinner there. The food was average, but there was a free show that was quite enjoyable.
The night safari is pretty much a zoo where people are able to visit after dark. There are plenty of fences and barriers to ensure your safety.
In the night safari there is a show that people can go to. It's an interesting animal show where there are animals performing tricks etc.
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For mail in registrations, Download a Night Safari Registration Form. Payments must be received with the registration form at least two weeks to the preferred session. Confirmations will be mailed to you.
Each Night Safari features live animals and a myriad of fun age appropriate activities. Your group will enjoy an evening snack, a take home craft and a ton of exciting memories. We also serve breakfast.
Chiang Mai Night Safari (CnS) is a goverment nature theme park which is built to promote Chiang Mai tourism regarding to the government's policy apart from arts, cultures, traditions, and the beauty of nature which are the main fascinating tourist attractions.
quantity but also quality, Chiang Mai Night Safari is the best answer for you. Chiang Mai Night Safari is located at Doi Suthep-Pui National Park which covers Tambon Nhong Kway, Hang Dong District, and Tambon Mae Hia, Muang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai Province.
Chiang Mai Night Safari is 12 km away from downtown Chiang Mai. By car, it takes only 15-20 minutes from the Chiang Mai Airport, the train station or the bus terminal to Chiang Mai Night Safari.
Jun 05, 2006 The Night Safari is in the same complex as the Zoo, it is just next door. So when the zoo closed at 6, we made our way towards the Night Safari.
NIght SafariNIght SafariThis is the world's premier night zoo. The twilight holds many surprises and more so at Night Safari, where you can look a rhinocerous in the eye or hear the howls of a pack of striped hyenas.
- whichever you choose, Night Safari is a wild adventure not to be missed. Winner of the Tourism Awards 2000,1999, 1997 and 1996 - Leisure Attraction of the Year. Open: 7.
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