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National Aviary, Pittsburgh, United States

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Recently, the National Aviary added a series of interactive encounters for visitors.
The National Aviary in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is America's only independent indoor nonprofit aviary. It is also America's largest aviary, and the only accorded honorary "National" status by the United States Congress.
The National Aviary is located in Pittsburgh's Northside, within Allegheny Commons West Park in Allegheny Center. The National Aviary is open from 10 am to 5 pm every day of the year except December 25.
18 Nov 07 - Please post ONLY photos taken at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh, PA. Thank you for following this one rule. I'm not always good at remembering the species or names of the various birds.
from the National Aviary to join our group. That way they can let us know when there are special events planned. I hope they enjoy our shots! Please post ONLY photos taken at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh, PA.
the National Aviary group icon National Aviary = Group Pool Discussion 62 Members Map Join This Group Guest Passes let you share your photos that aren't public.
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National Aviary Breaks Ground For "Flite-Zone" - PITTSBURGH (KDKA) ― Click to enlarge1 of 1 Back in October, officials at the National Aviary on the North
The National Aviary has a new addition just in time for the Pittsburgh Penguins playoff run. Eight-week-old Sidney, the African penguin, is set to make his public debut on Saturday.
National Aviary a close-up view of the bird world. The birds represent nearly every continent, with an emphasis on rainforest and wetland habitats.Birds on exhibit at the National Aviary are rotated in and out, providing different species to enjoy at every visit.
Logo links for the National Aviary, Regional Asset District and Association of Zoos and Aquariums The National Aviary is supported in part through membership, donations, and funding from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission and the Allegheny Regional Asset District.
The National Aviary inspires respect for nature through an appreciation of birds.
The National Aviary is America's only independent indoor nonprofit zoo dedicated exclusively to birds.
North Side: National Aviary in Pittsburgh = Scanned_image_of_Save_the_Aviary!_button.
Pittsburgh Aviary as the National Aviary in Pittsburgh. Congressional approval for the act came when the Senate approved the designation on October 27, 1993. President Clinton signed the measure into law November 8, 1993. The designation followed the U. S.
The National Aviary in Pittsburgh gains the status of being the only national aviary in America.
curator of the National Aviary in Pittsburgh. "If we're lucky, it'll be spring of '94. If not, who knows?" The location of the 3-by-4-foot box is ideal for the Peregrine Falcon, the world's fastest flying species, which traditionally nests on cliff sites.
North Side: National Aviary in Pittsburgh = - Aviary Places Falcon Nest on Cathedral - From Bird Calls, The Newsletter of the National Aviary in Pittsburgh, Fall, 1993.
National Aviary Night in the Tropics is only 3 weeks away on July 25th. Purchase your tickets to the best party of the summer here: Hurry! They sell-out quickly! Get Involved at the National AviarySource: www.aviary.
sell-out event benefiting the National Aviary’s education and conservation programs. ... Tue at 5:26amNational Aviary National Aviary Did you visit this weekend? We had amazing attendance numbers! Mon at 8:02amShow 2 more comments...
brought out-of-town guests to the National Aviary on Saturday, July 4. Very nice experience. My only disappointment is that you won’t let us see Wanda. :-( We are looking forward to the new theater opening next year. .Dawn Dawn at 9:22pm July 8I was there on Tue, July 7.
David Lowe, of the National Aviary in Pittsburgh has a special love for birds, especially raptors. David works with over 600 different types of birds living at the aviary but raptors hold a special place in his heart because of their elusive nature.
bird delights into the Wetlands room at the National Aviary, on the North Side. Across a shallow pond, six flamingos face the small crowd.
National Aviary, some of the rarest exhibits come directly to you. And, sometimes, they poop on you. Working as part of the Animal Program staff, Miller took a year to find the right sound to make the flamingos dance.
National Aviary considers new look, location Monday, June 12, 2000 By Jan Ackerman and Tom Barnes, Post-Gazette Staff Writers When National Aviary Director Dayton Baker looks at the rivers around the Point, he sees golden eagles or Andean condors swooping
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The National Aviary is a wonderful place to see more than 200 species of birds under one roof. I particularly enjoyed feeding the lorikeets. I held my hand out with a small bowl of nectar and they flew down to eat.
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The National Aviary is a wonderful place for families. I thought that the aviary would be bigger than it actually is, but what they lack in size is made up for in variety.
The National Aviary is in a residential neighborhood. Parking is easy, and the Children's Museum is a few blocks away. The Aviary itself is very nice, including large habitat rooms for different natural environments.
The National Aviary, located in the history West Park area of Pittsburgh’s North Side, is the only independent, non-profit indoor aviary in the country. This is quite a feat, as in the 90s the city almost voted to shut it down due to budget crunches.
I'm pretty sure the National Aviary is the best place to go look at birds on the East Coast.
The National Aviary spends a lot of time training its birds and has some of the best bird trainers on its staff. The reason that they spend so much time training birds is to get them used to being around humans.
Who knew the National Aviary was in PIttsburgh?? RIght up the street from the Andy Warhol Museum, no less. The aviary is small, but clean and well-organized. The tropical room and demonstrations are interesting.
reactiesThe National Aviary's new Penguin Point exhibit is open. The National Aviary produced this commercial highlighting the innovative Kids ViewTube at Penguin Point.