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Marble Palace Zoo, Kolkata, India

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founded the Marble Palace Zoo in Chorebagan, Calcutta in 1854, and it still stands today in the centre of Kolkata city. The Rajah consciously and intentionally founded it as a public service for education and entertainment of the public.
Located next to the palace is the Marble Palace Zoo,which was the first zoo opened in India, also by Raja Rajendra Mullick. It now primarily serves as an aviary, including peacocks, toucans, storks, and cranes.
The Marble Palace Zoo in Calcutta city which was established in the year 1854 is the oldest existing zoo in the country.
The Marble Palace zoo in Calcutta city established in 1854 is the oldest existing one. The zoos also play a vital part In conserving some of the endangered species. Indian Wild Life Club But sadly the state of many zoos is deplorable.
The Marble Palace Zoo, as it was called, still exists in Calcutta.