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Manila Ocean Park, Manila, Philippines

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The Manila Ocean Park is an oceanarium in Manila, Philippines. It is owned by China Oceanis Philippines Inc., a subsidiary of China Oceanis Inc., a Singaporean-registered firm that has operated four oceanariums in China.
Still incomplete, the Manila Ocean Park nonetheless is now partly open, as of March 1, 2008.
The Manila Ocean Park has already begun, but there are still sections of the park that are still undergoing construction and development. The layout of the Manila Ocean Park shows how the whole establishment would appear once it is fully operational.
Manila Ocean Park is open from 10am – 9pm, Mondays through Sundays. Special tours may be requested and booked earlier than tour schedules. Entrance Fee The Entrance Fee for adults is PHP400 (approximately US$10) and PHP350 (approximately US$9) for children.
Guests of Manila Ocean Park requiring special assistance can bring their own wheelchairs to the Park. Guests bringing in small children may be allowed to use their strollers inside the Oceanarium.
The Manila Ocean Park is located behind the Quirino Grandstand, in Luneta, Manila. For more information, contact +(632) 567.7777 and +(632) 567 2309 . . GMA, Lim inaugurate Manila Ocean Park By: Itchie G.
manila ocean park entrance the new tourist destination of manila Manila Ocean Park president Lim Chee Yong said several developments are already happening around Luneta with the completion of the first phase of Manila Ocean Park .
manila ocean park in the philippines When completed, the whole project will be the first of its kind in Asia Pacific, according to the marine park's management.
The Manila Ocean Park will help clean the water of Manila Bay , because it will draw water directly from the bay, which will undergo an advance filtration system.
“Go to the Manila Ocean Park and Enjoy!”Save Review 4 of 5 stars StefanoB 7 contributions Boston, Massachusetts Aug 13, 2008 2/2 found this review helpful I am a biologist, teacher, and former zoo and aquarium staff member.
The state-of-the-art Manila Ocean Park had its soft opening last week, on February 29.
The Manila Ocean Park Features the Riches of Philippine Marine Life (on I didn’t think the Manila Ocean Park would be big. But Manila Ocean Park is indeed world-class — at least that’s the plan.
of the Manila Ocean Park), take care of the marine life, and take care of your patrons too! All the best! The Manila Ocean Park: Behind Quirino Grandstand, Luneta Park, Manila Tel.
* Photos Manila Ocean Park (16) - lion fish * Photos Manila Ocean Park (17) - edong fish * Photos Manila Ocean Park (18) - stingray * Photos Manila Ocean Park (19) * Photos
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visit to Manila Ocean Park on its Grand Opening Day on March 1, 2008. We are now inside the Oceanarium, and lots of aquarium in various sizes, with different kin...
Manila Ocean Park (1 of 2) by www.normandb.comToegevoegd3:22Manila Ocean Park (1 of 2) by www.normandb.com46643 keer bekekennormandbph Aaron acting crazy on video!!!Toegevoegd1:01Aaron acting crazy on video!!!180 keer bekekendemarcjw Manila Ocean Park (2 of 2) by www.normandb.
Manila Ocean Park Is Now Open - Published by Marhgil on Mar 3rd, 2008 in Travel, Video with 22 Comments Welcome to Macuha.
Finally, Manila Ocean Park is now open to the public. I was not there during the grand opening, but GMANews.TV gladly reports. Watch the report after the jump.
According to the video report, Manila Ocean Park is open everyday from 10:00AM to 9:00PM. Admission fee is Php 400.00 for adults and Php 350.00 for kids.
Manila Ocean Park Oceanarium information - Ocean Park Manila Bay, the newest pride of Philippine tourism, has become so popular that our readers have been asking us for information and contact.
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Manila Ocean Park is open from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm during Saturdays and Sundays, 10:00 am to 9:00 pm during weekdays (Monday to Friday). Ticket Sale is until 8:15 pm. Groups requesting for earleir or evening tour schedules may be accommodated.
The nearest LRT station to the Manila Ocean Park is United Stations. You can walk from there if you want to. It’s just behind Quirino Grandstand, Luneta Park. For inquiries you can call 567-7777. Hehehe. Parang commercial.
The Manila Ocean Park is the "Philippines’ first state-of-the-art Oceanarium, open water marine habitat, boutique mall, restaurant row and function facilities all located in one complex at the back of the Quirino Grandstand" (Official Website: Manila Ocean Park).
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Manila Ocean Park is finally open! I think this is one development project a lot of people are watching out for.
The Manila Ocean Park is located behind the Quirino Grand Stand in Luneta Park, Manila. Admission price is PHP 400/ Adults and PHP 350/ kids. Manila residents gets 10% discount and Senior Citizens discount also applies. Operating hours is from 11am to 9pm.
wow!!! sobrang ganda… i think Manila Ocean Park is much better than the Ocean Park at HK… i love love snorkeling.. i’ll visit cguro mga May na para medyo humupa na ang crowd lol..
MANILA OCEAN PARK TO OPEN ON FEB. 24, 2008 The Daily Tribune 02/10/2008 The much-awaited opening of the Manila Ocean Park (MOP) is slated on Feb.
from Manila Ocean Park and the Worldwide Fund for Nature have signed last month a partnership which states that the marine park has “immense potential to create further awareness for the country’s marine issues.
Manila Ocean Park is the country’s first world-class and largest aquarium facility. It will showcase marine biodiversity from within and around the waters of the Philippines. The park is owned by China Oceanis Philippines Inc.
Manila Ocean Park on May 21 to read to children a new USAID-produced 'Eco Defenders' storybook on marine environment and to turnover to the park administration copies of the new book and a
lizard is during a visit to the Manila Ocean Park on May 22 in celebration of the Philippines' Ocean Month.
tunnel called the oceanarium inside the Manila Ocean Park in Manila. There’s a new place to look out for by year end. The Office of the President together with the Philippine Tourism Authority will open a new park at the back of Quirino Grandstand in Manila.
Manila Ocean Park will be inaugurated on Feb 23 and will open to the public on Feb 24. The Grand Opening daw will be sometime end of 2008 when the hotel and open-water marine habitats open.
Thank you for your interest to visit Manila Ocean Park, admission fee is 400 for adults and 350 for kids.
Oceanarium of the Manila Ocean Park, one can buy souvenirs or pasalubong here. Products range from t Shirts, ref magnets, mugs, stickers, toys, and a whole lot more. Manila Ocean Park The Manila Ocean Park is open daily from 10AM until 6PM.
Manila Ocean Park in 3D = 06/25/08 Posted under Philippines, Tourism, Tourism & Leisure, Travel & Commuting, Virtual Journals By Fung Yu, Contributor INQUIRER.
The Manila Ocean Park is a seaworld, where kids and adults are treated with the sights of different marine animals (think of Ark Avilon Zoo, but all sea creatures).
unlike those destinations, the Manila Ocean Park has no shows like the whale and sea lion shows (although these shows may come later, as the Manila Ocean Park is still unfinished). There’s something, however, that makes up for that.
The Manila Ocean Park opens at 10:00 in the morning, so getting there earlier means no hassle in looking for the perfect parking space and no falling in line.
Manila Ocean Park Opens on February 24, 2008 = by AMBO on February 14, 2008 One of the newest tourist destinations in the Philippines is finally open for public. I am sure everyone is excited to visit the place.
And now Manila Ocean Park will have it’s soft launching on February 24, 2008. Manila Ocean Park is the first world-class marine park with a magnificent architectural design.
Manila Ocean Park is part of the China Oceanis Philippines Inc and claims to be " the Philippine's first state-of-the-art Oceanarium, open water habitat...
Manila Ocean Park is in partnership with the Worldwide Fund for Nature and is "deeply committed to conservation." Sorry but I am none too sure what exactly that means. It sounds a bit of a cop out to me.
Manila Ocean Park IS worth a visit and I will go again in the next couple of months. I am interested to see how things develop as more areas are opened up.