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Ljubljana Zoo, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Ljubljana Zoo (Slovene: Živalski vrt Ljubljana) is a zoo in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It serves as the national zoo of Slovenia.
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The Ljubljana Zoo is situated on the southern slope of the Rožnik hill (west part of Ljubljana). It's located approximately 20 minutes walking distance from the city centre.
The 20-hectare Ljubljana Zoo, on the southern slope of Rožnik Hill (394m), contains 580 animals representing more than 150 species. There's also a petting zoo for children. It's an upbeat and well-landscaped menagerie.
Ljubljana Zoo goatsZoo of Ljubljana is a relatively small one but if in town, worth seeing. It is situated within the natural forest on the West of Ljubljana, only 20 min walk from the city center under the Roznik hill.
Ljubljana zoo is not a big zoo but big enough to take it as a lovely daily relaxation.
Ljubljana zoo is very open to visitors. You can help or just watch feeding animals, bring your kids for some workshop or loose your fear of spiders, snakes and scorpions holding them in your hands - under supervision of a zoo mentor, of course.
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Ljubljana Zoo Welcomes Young Giraffes = - * slovenia.
Ljubljana Zoo director Zdenka Ban Fischinger said on the occasion that "this certainly means a great acquisition for the zoo and a lot of joy for our visitors.
at the Ljubljana Zoo, so that they could be let out of their stalls. Ban Fischinger said she was looking forward to Sunday, when the zoo will organise a "giraffe party".
* Ljubljana Zoo is one of the most beautiful Zoos of Europe - Tickets from €5.00 to €6.00. * Nightclubs Ljubljana has several good nightclubs (discotheques).