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Lahore Zoo, Lahore, Pakistan

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The Lahore Zoo in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, established in 1872, was once considered one of the largest zoos in Asia.
of Lahore Zoo was entrusted to the Wildlife & Parks Department in 1982. During the period 1872 to 1982, it remained a small entity with very little development taking place.
Established in 1872, the Lahore Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in the world. It started as a small aviary that was donated by Lal Mahundra Ram.
Lahore Zoo Front Enterance Gate View Wildlife can only truly be enjoyed when experienced firsthand. Zoos are not just a place where different species are collected; in fact, a good zoo must represent the natural habitat of each particular animal as far as is possible.
It is here that the Lahore Zoo has carved a niche for itself that is distinct from other zoos in the country. Through various innovative schemes and programmes, this organisation inspires an understanding regarding the significance of animals and helps preserve species.
The Lahore Zoo currently runs two adoption schemes, which target different people and aim at different results.
animal mural, Lahore Zoo is one of the oldest zoos on the subcontinent. It was founded in 1872 and includes a variety of bird species along with lions, elephants, monkeys, leopards, giraffes, tigers and more.
Lahore Zoo, directly across from the Governor's House on The Mall.
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gift shop at the Lahore Zoo on August 24, 2005 . Chief Guest, Captain (Retd) Rao Iftikhar Ahmad, Chairman Zoo Management Committee along with Director General Wildlife and Parks, Punjab inaugurated the WWF – Pakistan Panda Product Shop at the Lahore Zoo.
the Lahore Zoo is a fundraising venture, which will be utilised in conservation projects in Pakistan . He said, “We look forward to the public support by becoming customers of this shop.
Lahore Zoo still needs a lot of Improvement! Pakistan Times National News Desk LAHORE: The Lahore Zoo, a sole resort for Lahorites and people around the district, is still in need of improvement though, there are a large number of people enjoying the new
Established in 1872, the Lahore Zoo is spread over an area of 24 acres and currently hosts 1375 species. A plaque near the entrance to the zoo reads, “The aviary was presented to the Municipal Committee of Lahore by Lala Mela Ram in March 1872.
When this scribe contacted the Director Lahore Zoo, he said that these were minor problems which should not be blown out of proportion. He elaborated on how the management of the zoo was run—without any government subsidy.
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Lahore Zoo animals have Trypnosomiasis Staff Report LAHORE: Animals at Lahore Zoo are infected with Trypnosomiasis, an infection caused by blood parasites transmitted by mosquitoes and flies (that act as vectors), and many have died because of it in the
Yousaf Pal, director of Lahore Zoo, said a lion had died because of the presence of water in its liver and a tiger died in March because of high fever.
Lahore Zoo animals have Trypnosomiasis Lights shortage annoys religious revellers FCC streets choked by wedding Women shouldn’t be shy of discussing their bodies, says Cherie Blair
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The Lahore zoo has three female gravials and with help of the male, its number can be increased, they say, adding that gravial species is now found only in the Lahore zoo in the country.
history of the Lahore zoo that such a large number of animals has been exchanged. He said the zoo did not have some of the animals like Sicka deer.
The Lahore Zoo in LahoreLahore is the capital of the Pakistani Subdivisions of Pakistan of Punjab and is the List of most populated metropolitan areas in Pakistan city in Pakistan after Karachi.... , PunjabPunjab (Pakistan) The Punjab...
Like all the past several years, Lahore Zoo remained the most favorite place of Lahorites especially children who loved to pass their holidays while playing on swings and watching animals.
12 whereas in the Lahore Zoo its price was Rs 25. A small pack of chips, which costs Rs 10 outside the Zoo, was being sold @ Rs 25.