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Johannesburg Zoo, South Africa

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The Johannesburg Zoo is a zoo in Johannesburg, South Africa. Established in 1904, it has traditionally been owned and operated by the City of Johannesburg. However, it has recently been turned into a corporation and registered as a Section 21 non-profit organisation.
The Johannesburg Zoo houses animals of approximately 3000 different species. Tours and excursions around the zoo are offered under the auspices of the education department. It is one of the few places in the world with white lions.
The Johannesburg Zoo is the only zoo in South Africa to have successfully bred Siberian Tigers. Siberian Tigers are the largest cats in the world. "Twist" is the male Siberian Tiger at the zoo and weighs 320 kg.
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The Johannesburg Zoo was established in 1904, and historically, it has been owned and operated by the CITY OF JOHANNESBURG. Recently, the Johannesburg Zoo was registered as a Section 21 (non-profit) company.
Johannesburg Zoo contributes to the quality of life of the citizens of the city through the following: * Education: Look after the environment, it is the only one we’ve got.
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Please note: the Johannesburg Zoo is closed on 7 September.
The Johannesburg Zoo is on Jan Smuts Avenue, in Parkview. The main entrance is in Upper Park Drive, Forest Town. For more information, contact 011 646 2000. It has its own website.
the Johannesburg Zoo has grown to become the most popular public venue in the city. It is now a sprawling 54 hectares in central Parktown, with plenty of trees, water features and beautiful walks.
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This business property is near Johannesburg Zoo, University of Witwatersrand, and Ellis Park Stadium.
The Johannesburg Zoo has a reasonable array of the fierce and the furry. It seems rather bizarre going to a zoo in Africa but it has a particularly interesting wild-dog enclosure and kids love it.
For over 100 years, the Johannesburg zoo has provided a beautiful relaxing and clean environment to escape from the noise and crowds of the city. And of course the zoo always makes a great outing for the kids.
Johannesburg Zoo DescriptionThe Johannesburg Zoo has more than 300 species of animals, including elephants, lions and many species of monkeys. Some of the animals live in open enclosures separated only by water-filled ditches.
fight the threat, Johannesburg Zoo has joined the Year of the Frog campaign.
"The Johannesburg Zoo has a global campaign to save frogs," confirms Sandra Hlungwani, the reserve's public relations and marketing officer. "It is important to seize this opportunity to get people leaping with the frogs at the zoo.
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Johannesburg Zoo and HoughtonRoughly 2km north of Parktown, off Jan Smuts Avenue, Johannesburg Zoo (daily 8.30am–5.30pm; R30; is home to over three thousand species, including polar bears. Despite recent attempts at revitalization, a sad air pervades the place.
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Johannesburg Zoo and the NZG and in situ samples from Kwa-Zulu Natal have been successfully analyzed. In addition, research is being conducted on the occurrence of chytrid fungus in collaboration with Dr Ché Weldon, North-West University (NWU) on both South African and Madagascan amphibians.
The Johannesburg Zoo is a favorite place for locals to stroll among numerous enclosures that house more than 3,000 species, including polar bears that can be viewed underwater in their pool.
ventured to Johannesburg Zoo in South Africa- one of the larger zoos in South Africa. My task there was refined from my visit to Skånes Djurpark, but even so- accruing the amount information I wanted at a big zoo in a big city was daunting.
Thus, at Johannesburg Zoo, I again refined my project, tailoring it so that I could glean the information that I required from a big zoo within such a short amount of time (two weeks).