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Healesville Sanctuary, Healesville, Australia

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Healesville Sanctuary is one of Australia’s most recognised attractions, showcasing more than 200 species of Australian wildlife, only one hour from Melbourne. Get closer to Australia’s wildlife, featuring unique experiences with kangaroos, koalas and amazing birds of prey.
Healesville Sanctuary, or the Sir Colin MacKenzie Fauna Park, is a zoo specializing in native Australian animals. It is located at Healesville in rural Victoria, Australia, and has a history of breeding native animals.
We went to the Healesville Sanctuary on a day-trip from Melbourne by using public transport. First, you need to take a train to Lilydale station, then a bus to Healesville. It is cheap and rather easy, but it is a bit long.
Healesville Sanctuary is quite the place and I'm glad I added it to my travel plans. The Sanctuary has been in existance for years now and is set in a leafy forest just outside of Healesville.
Healesville SanctuaryHealesville is a short distance drive from Melbourne where you can see all of Australia's distinctive fauna in one huge enclosure set in natural bushland, with a circular walking track and boardwalk that takes you through a series of spacious
A visit to Healesville Sanctuary is a truly Australian experience and a great way to immerse yourself in the sights, scents and sounds of the Australian bush.
The Echidna, Wikipedia Healesville Sanctuary is a fauna park where paths wind through different habitats showcasing koalas, wombats, dingoes, kangaroos, etc. and over 200 bird varieties. The Healesville Animal Sanctuary is located 65 km North of Melbourne in the state of Victoria, Australia.
Healesville Sanctuary provides a natural haven for many free-ranging animals. Available are food tables, special plantings, hollow logs and safety from predators, all encouraging these animals to make their home at the animal park.
Healesville Sanctuary is a short drive from the east of Melbourne. Native animals, including many that are endangered, live in close-to-natural surroundings.
The Foundation's relationship with Healesville Sanctuary began in 2000, when it funded extensions to the RACV Lyrebird Enclosure to facilitate the management of the birds.
Healesville Sanctuary was just part of the tour I'd booked with Gray Line. (They've got a lot of different tours that include a trip to Healesville Sanctuary.) It was my favorite part, however.
Healesville Sanctuary, Australia's premier wildlife park is nestled in the foothills of the Yarra Valley, just one hour from Melbourne. Koalas, dingoes, kangaroos and the unique platypus are just a few of the 200 species of Australian wildlife flourishing in a stunning Australian bushland environment.
Healesville Sanctuary is only an hour from Melbourne, but a visit there will take you closer to Australia’s unique wildlife than you ever thought possible.
Healesville Sanctuary is located in the stunning Yarra Valley region 65 kilometres or one hours drive from Melbourne. Take the Eastern Freeway out of Melbourne then drive east along Maroondah Highway through Ringwood and Lilydale to Healesville.
Healesville Sanctuary's Birds of Prey show was launched over ten years ago and has since become one of the Sanctuary's most anticipated and 'must do' experiences. For more information and show times check out our website
Healesville Sanctuary is one of Australia’s most acclaimed wildlife sanctuaries. Showcasing more than 200 species of Australian wildlife, the Sanctuary is a fantastic location to view native animals in their natural habitat.
Find out about some of the Healesville Sanctuary Conservation projects.
Healesville Sanctuary has changed a lot over the years; find out more about our past, present and future.
Healesville SanctuaryVisitors to Victoria who are interested in seeing Australian wildlife in a natural zoo setting should not miss an oportunity to go to the Healesville Sanctuary east of Melbourne. Healesville Sanctuary has more than 200 species of wildlife in 31 hectares of bushland enclosures.
The Healesville Sanctuary can be heartily recommended as one of the top tourist places to visit in Victoria. Open Hours Healesville Sanctuary is open every day of the year, including Christmas Day and all public holidays, from 9am to 5pm.
Healesville Sanctuary is one of Austraila’s most popular wildlife sanctuaries and one of our favorites. It really is a ‘must visit’ attraction if you are planning a holiday in Victoria.
through the town until you see the Healesville Sanctuary sign on your right. Public Transport is available. Take a train to Lilydale and catch a bus to the Sanctuary. There are also plenty of tour companies offering day trips.
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Healesville Sanctuary DescriptionOutside Healesville, on Badger Creek Road, is the famous Healesville Sanctuary, a wildlife park covering 32ha designed to be as natural as possible, where all the important Australian species (including platypus) can be seen close up.
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Do you want to work with animals? Healesville Sanctuary introduces a new program for aspiring zookeepers where you get to spend a day working alongside our Zookeepers. This program is specially designed to inform and engage secondary students in years 9 and above, about the role of Zookeepers.
But John Gibbons, the director of the Healesville Sanctuary, and his wife Liz, spent four nights sleeping on the floor of the Badger Creek CFA in order to care for injured koalas.
in the fires, and John says the Healesville Sanctuary is now closed while they focus on caring for these animals. The sanctuary has been swamped with koalas, possums and other mammals that have been injured in the fires.
The Healesville Sanctuary is famous for its birds of prey, but John says these birds are well protected. "Those birds have been put in our nocturnal house which is underground.
Dedicated to conservation and rescue, the Healesville Sanctuary is also home to the Australian Wildlife Health Centre (AWHC), a fully interactive veterinary hospital, where visitors can see, for the first time, the behind-the-scenes work vets do caring for sick, injured and orphaned animals.