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Givskud Zoo, Givskud, Denmark

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Givskud Zoo has closed for the season 2008. We look forward to seeing you back her in 2009.
Just across from Givskud Zoo is our family hostel, where you can stay during your visit to Givskud. Rooms may be booked via the website. The family hostel is open all year.
Givskud Zoo first opened its doors to the public in 1969. Back then, the park was known as “Løveparken” – or ‘the lion park’ – since the lions were the only animals here. The name continues to be used although it was officially changed to Givskud Zoo in 1983.
Givskud Zoo has three main objectives: the dissemination of information, the conservation of endangered species and research.
Givskud Zoo is a zoo and safari park in Givskud, 20 km north west of Vejle in Denmark. The park opened in 1969 under the name of "Løveparken" (the lion park) with lions as the only animals.
Givskud Zoo has over the years been home to several famous animals, among them the white rhino "Brutalis", who was very aggressive towards stable equipment, other rhinos and humans.
Givskud Zoo is best known for its large enclosures, which the guests can drive through in their own cars. Some of the most well known and popular animals in the zoo are Asian elephants, white rhinos, gorillas, chimpanzees and of course the lions.
Givskud Zoo That observation from the African savannah was the idea behind Givskud Zoo, which opened its doors in 1969.
Givskud Zoo is dedicated both to promoting knowledge and ensuring that visitors enjoy themselves.
Givskud Zoo A third of all of the 120 different animal species at Givskud Zoo are endangered.
Get right up close to wildlife at Givskud Zoo, which is home to more than 1000 animals representing more than 90 different species from around the world.
Givskud Zoo also has a large adventure playground where children can let off steam and interact with tame barn animals. The safari train is also wildly popular among the very young.
Don’t miss the family fun at Givskud Zoo – you can easily spend a whole day among the animals and enjoying the many activities. Read more about Givskud Zoo Address: Løveparkvej 3, Givskud, DK-7323 Give - Du skal udfylde enten vejnavn eller sted Tel.
Givskud Zoo har naturligvis også sit helt eget safaritog. På togturen kommer man helt tæt på dyrene,...
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Givskud Zoo was opened in 1969 under the name “The Lionpark” as a traditional, privately owned safaripark with visitors driving in the area in their own cars.
Givskud Zoo of course participates in all relevant breeding programmes nationally and globally. We are represented in several species committees and Taxon advisory groups.
Future plans for Givskud Zoo are the continued development of the large open mixed exhibit concept combined with intensive educational activities. We are convinced that this concept is the only future alternative to the more traditional zoos, especially when dealing with larger animal species.
116 hectares large Givskud Zoo provides many opportunities for visitors to come close to fascinating mammals like the Asian elephant, the white rhino and Rothchild's giraffe. Several unique settings resembling wildlife habitats offer the visitors a glimpse of nature's diversity.
Givskud Zoo is open for visitors six months during summer time where visitors can enjoy more than 90 different species from 4 continents. Givskud Zoo is famous for the large enclosures where many different animal species live together.
Givskud Zoo is the only place in Denmark you can see the impressive gorillas.
/ Givskud Zoo was the first Danish safari park with lions living on a large free area, where you can drive around in your own car.
Givskud Zoo in Givskud in Denmark is also known as "Lionpark Givskud" because it originally only had lions.
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Don’t miss the family fun at Givskud Zoo – you can easily spend a whole day among the animals and enjoying the many activities.
Come and spend a day in the animal kingdom – Givskud Zoo is just a 25 minute drive from Billund. - At Givskud Zoo, you'll come face to face with all our wild animals.
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In the vast nature resort of Givskud Zoo you can enjoy the sight of more than 1,000 animals from the entire world. From the African savannah to the dangerous territories of the lions. You will come face to face with the wild animals.