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Dhaka Zoo, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Dhaka - A tiger attacked a man at Bangladesh's Dhaka Zoo on Friday, leaving him seriously injured after he entered a cage to feed the big cat, said the official BSS news agency.
Panic gripped the visitors at Dhaka Zoo yesterday noon when a Royal Bengal Tiger attacked its food provider inside the cage, came out of it and roamed the zoo premises for about half an hour.
Dhaka Zoo, (Bengali: ঢাকা চিড়িয়াখানা) is a Zoo located in the Mirpur section of Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. The Zoo contains many native and non-native animals and wild life.
The yearly budget of Dhaka Zoo is Tk 3.75 crore out of which Tk 2.50 crore is spent on feeding the animals.
The modernisation of Dhaka Zoo, costing Tk 10 crore, has been waiting for the approval of the Planning Commission for four years. The cost was initially estimated at Tk 19 crore.
description: The Dhaka Zoo in Bangladesh has received its first group of foreign animals including giraffes and zebras. Zoo officials say that the addition of these animals has raised its popularity among people.
Dhaka Zoo, is a ZooZoo A Zoology garden, abbreviated to zoo, is an institution in which living animals are exhibited in captivity.
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Dhaka zoo put on alertover bird flu fear - Tuesday, January 8th, 2008 The lone rhea, a species of flightless ratite bird native to South America, of the Dhaka National Zoo had died of enteritis, not of bird
Dr Aminur Rahman, curator of Dhaka Zoo, brushed aside any reason for concern saying the deaths at the zoo so far were normal. Some were caused by tuberculosis, gangrene, and also from fighting amongst each other. Others died of old age complications.
Located on about 186-acres of land in Mirpur, the Dhaka zoo is currently home to around 2, 161 animals from 157 species. Of them, 57 are mammals including elephant, Royal Bengal tiger, lion, cheetah, rhinoceros, zebras, different species of monkeys and chimpanzees, hippos and more.
northern side in Dhaka zoo near a big pond of Gorial. The Dhaka zoo witnessed a mad-rush of visitors on Friday the weekly holiday. Apart from this, the Dhaka Zoo draws a huge crowd in other days of the week.
The Dhaka zoo authorities said visitors in the zoo have been increasing day by day after bringing in five crocodiles from India. These imported crocodiles have become the focal point of attraction at the zoo.
The Dhaka zoo curator Mofizur Rahman said "Crocodiles are safe here, instead they have been kept in crammed manner in Madras." Proper care is being taken for the imported crocodiles in the Dhaka zoo, he said.
Dhaka Zoo the largest zoo in Bangladesh, situated at Mirpur about 16 km from the centre of Dhaka city.
Of them, five crocodiles were released in Dhaka Zoo, which gave birth to 30 babies in last June. These young crocodiles were released Sunday. The Dhaka Zoo authorities earned Taka 12.
slide showThis aged rhinoceros at Dhaka Zoo is suffering badly since its partner died a couple of years ago. Photo: Anisur Rahman Death seems to lurk in the corridors of Dhaka Zoo with 18 rare animals having lost their lives in just over a year.
Dhaka Zoo is Tk 3.75 crore, said an official, out of which Tk 2.50 crore is spent on feeding the animals. Established in 1974, the186-acre Dhaka Zoo attracts around 10,000 visitors every day. The number increases during the weekends.
In their new home at Dhaka Zoo, the inmates were seen running around the shed and busy making friends with each other. Dr Aminur Rahman, the newly appointed curator of the zoo, told Star City that the animals are in good health.
The Dhaka Zoo officials said that the mountain zebra, common zebra, impala, oryx, and the wildebeest joined their lone mates at the zoo. “We only had males from each of these species. Now we have arranged pairs.
Dhaka Zoo Friday for the whole day, reports UNB. This was arranged to launch a programme titled `Dreamnight at the Zoo' Bangladesh, with WTB, a partner of the global initiative.
"The number of tourists in Dhaka Zoo has been increasing gradually," the minister said adding that it would be made more tourist-friendly in the days to come.
Of them, five crocodiles were released in Dhaka Zoo, which gave birth to 30 babies in last June. These babies were released yesterday. The Dhaka Zoo authorities earned Taka 12.73 lakh from anglers by selling tickets while Taka 300,000 was earned from selling small fishes.
Dhaka Zoo was established in 1974, the 186-acre Dhaka Zoo is situated in Mirpur Area of Dhaka City. Dhaka Zoo - Bangladesh Stamps Price: $1.
Dhaka zoo is largest zoo in Bangladesh situated in Mirpur,Dhaka.It is the national zoo under the Ministry of Fisheries and was ceremonially opened for public on June 23, 1974.Area of this zoo is nearly about 75 ha.