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Dehiwala Zoo, Sri Lanka

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Dehiwala Zoo is a zoological garden in Dehiwala, Sri Lanka, which was founded in 1936. This is one of the finest in Asia and its sprawling areas are host to a variety of animals and birds.
Dehiwala Zoo (Zoological Garden of Ceylon) collection. Although Dehiwala Zoo officially began operating in 1939, an impressive animal collection already existed there as part of Hagenback company's holding area, where public could visit.
Dehiwala Zoo has been designed into a beautiful landscape of colourful flowers, foliage and water fountains, the zoological garden is probably one of the few remaining places in the country where nature blends with a large variety of animal life.
>> Dehiwala Zoo in Colombo Full Hotel Listing in Colombo: Dehiwala Zoo in Colombo = Sri Lanka - Colombo - Negombo - Dambulla - Kandy Dehiwala Zoo is one of the finest
Features of Dehiwala Zoo in Colombo - Dehiwala Zoo features several species of animals and birds in their natural habitat. - You will be amazed to see the lions, bears, tigers, rhinos, giraffes and gorillas, all roaming freely.
The Dehiwala Zoo was temporarily closed for public by the Zoo authorities following the hand grenade explosion near the bird s park at 10.35 am today.
Unknown attackers detonated a bomb inside the Dehiwala zoo in Colombo Sunday around 10:30 a.m., according to Sri Lanka Army sources. Six persons, including a pregnant mother, sustained minor injuries and were taken to Kalubowila hospital.
Dehiwala zoo explosionThe explosion site in Dehiwala zoo The zoo has been closed down until further notice. The recent attacks have caused the Sri Lankan defense authorities to deploy armed forces to protect jungles and remote hamlets adjoining the sanctuaries.
Dehiwala zoo explosionSri Lanka Police personnel at the explosion site Chronology: 03.02.08 14 killed, 103 wounded in Colombo train blast03.02.
the Dehiwala Zoo, few minutes ago this morning (February 3). Dehiwala police rushed to the scene and sealed the area, Police sources said.
The Dehiwala Zoo is one of the finest in Asia and its sprawling ares are host to a variety of animals and birds. Drive 6 miles from Colombo, south along the Galle Road. Turn left at Allen Avenue, Dehiwala, and follow the signposta.
Dehiwala zoo is free to entertain its visitors with sea lion and elephant shows, animal rides and pelican-feeding without guilt.
Dehiwala zoo is one of the most pleasurable spots in the city. Posted in Dehiwala Zoo No Comments » German Version About SL Expedition - Srilankaexpedition.
Nagoya Higashima Zoo of Japan, the Dehiwala Zoo is now the proud home to two new baby rhinos, Kosala (5 years) and Anula (8 years) the male and female rhinos, chris tened after the male and female baby elephants sent to the Nagoya Zoo.
The Dehiwala Zoo is one of the finest in Asia and its spraw More Related Images » Random ImagesNiyagala - Glory Lilly Gal Vihara seated Buddha Statue koha - cuckoo Bird Coffe Flowers Best Shared Sri Lankan Videos
COLOMBO: The Dehiwala Zoological Gardens, once one of the most important zoological gardens in Asia, is now in a terribly deplorable state, according to its employees.
Environmentalists charge that the Dehiwala Zoological Gardens has turned into a torture chamber and death trap for the animals. A bomb exploded at the Dehiwala Zoo in February 2008. After this incident, visitors to the zoo went down to around 400 per day.
Dehiwala Zoo was temporarily closed for public following this attack. No animal reported injured from this attack. The attacks come amid increased security ahead of celebrations on Monday to mark the 60th anniversary o independence.
Arriving at the Dehiwala Zoological Gardens last month were a pair of black rhinos, now listed as a critically endangered species.
captivity and the Dehiwala Zoological Gardens has been trying its best to get one of these majestic animals after the death of its sole rhino about six years ago.
the supervision of the Dehiwala Zoological Gardens had two baby elephants. The female, Anula had been born in 2001 and the younger male elephant, Kosala in 2004.
The Dehiwala Zoo also known as the National Zoological Gardens of Sri Lanka has had a varied and eventful history.
During this time the Dehiwala Zoo was even regarded as one-of-the-best in Asia! Unfortunately, today the Dehiwala Zoo cannot lay claim to such an exalted reputation.
show at the Dehiwala Zoo has being the demeaning Elephant Dance, which is a circus act to entertain people and does not befit the educational, scientific and conservation goals of a modern zoo.
Following the incident Dehiwala Zoo was temporarily declared closed for public by its officials. The hand grenade attack comes within 24 hours of the LTTE's brutal bus bomb attack targeting pilgrims to Anuradhapura, at Dambulla on Saturday.
The Dehiwala Zoo was created 68 years ago and needs have increased, the Minister said.
the Dehiwala Zoo got down two endangered black rhinoceroses from the Nagoya Zoo, Japan in exchange of two elephants. The duo will be exhibited shortly, he added. Botanical Gardens Director Prof. Cyril Wijesundara, Ministry Secretary S.