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Bratislava Zoo, Bratislava, Slovakia

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Keepers in Bratislava Zoo have been trying for many years to enrich the lives of the animals they are taking care of: they have been making toys and various distractions, as it is a custom in other modern Zoos.
Mar 31, 2008 The Bratislava Zoo is 96 ha with more then 900 animals, 157 species, and the walk around the park is really amazeing. It's easy to loose track of time here.
Bratislava Zoological Garden is a popular destination for children and adults, having undergone major upgrades to its facilities in recent years. The ZOO also houses a Dino Park with replicas of pre-historic animals.
Bratislava ZOO Map The first attempts to establish a Zoo in Bratislava as a first zoological garden in Slovakia date back to the first half of the 20th century. However, due to a lack of experiences this idea came to life first at the end of the the late 1950s .
The Bratislava zoo is somewhat west of the Castle that dominates the skyline of the capital of new country Slovakia.
Just six minutes away by bus, the Bratislava Zoo is a great destination for spending a day outside the city. Covering 96 hectares of Carpathian forest, the Bratislava Zoo boasts an impressive diversity of animal life: 1400 animals of 175 different species.
Bratislava Zoo, which spreads out over 96 hectares of Carpathian forestland, opened its gates to its first visitors back in 1960. It is now home to some 174 species of animal, comprising a total count of 1,396 animals.
Bratislava Zoo was founded in 1960, why this record seem strange >> to be researched Records about Mary was updated 2008-09-02 Sources, among others * Martin Wobruba, Pilzen, Czech republic.