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Berlin Zoological Garden, Germany

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The Berlin Zoological Garden is the oldest and internationally most well known zoo in Germany.
The Berlin Zoological Garden (German: Zoologischer Garten Berlin) is the oldest and internationally most well known zoo in Germany. Opened in 1844 it comprises an area of 35 hectares and is located in Berlin, Tiergarten.
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The Berlin Zoological Garden was created in 1841 by the zoologist Martin Lichtenstein in co-operation with Peter Joseph Lenné. It is found in the southwest corner of the Tiergarten where, as early as 1792, the "Fasanerie" (royal pheasant house) was once located.
The Berlin Zoological Garden has the world’s best collection of wild cattle—it was the first zoo to breed the mountain anoa—and excellent collections of birds of prey, cranes, and antelopes.
The Berlin Zoological Garden is the oldest zoo in Germany. It was founded in 181 with a gift from King Frederick William IV of pheasants and his menagerie. It officially opened in 1844.
1,440 species on an 86-acre site, the Berlin Zoological Garden is internationally renowned for its zoological rarities and successful breeding.