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Beijing Zoo, China

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The Beijing Zoo mainly exhibits wild and rare animals of China.
The Beijing Zoo today houses over 7,000 creatures of 600 different species from all over the world.
Beijing Zoo, located to the west of Beijing City (2km west of XiZhiMen subway station), next to the Beijing Exhibition Hall, has both rare Chinese animals, such as the Giant Panda and the Golden Monkey, and also a
Beijing Zoo covers an area of more than 50,000 square meters and there are more than 30 large halls. Beijing Zoo is set in a rich landscape of trees, hills and lakes, alongside a canal that flows all the way to the Summer Palace.
In addition to its public education role, Beijing Zoo is also a famous center of zoological research and conservation, inclusing a number of breeding programs. Beijing zoo entrance.
The Beijing Zoo was built in 1906 and opened to the public in 1908 with an area of about 10 hectares and a few humble pavilions to house the animals. At that time only several dozens of species were shown.
Beijing Zoo: Chinese prison camp for animals. The pitiful pandas here probably wish they were buried at Ming Tombs. The best place in China to see pandas is in Chengdu, Sichuan province.
conditions within Beijing zoo, can only be summed up as barbaric and absolutely disgusting. I was appalled by the maltreatment and total neglect of the animals, especially the wild cats and primates.
BEIJING ZOO - Total waste of time and money. I tagged along only at the insistence of my traveling companion's sister. It's so dirty (trash in the pond, animals strewn here and there) and very disappointing.
Beijing Zoo, just west of the second ring road, is now the biggest zoo in China with the largest animal number of species. It features pandas, elephants, gorillas, and dolphins and sharks in a big sea life center, all in a scenic Chinese garden setting.
Beijing Zoo is a natural garden with dense groves of trees, stretches of grassland, a small stream, lotus pools and small hills dotted with pavilions and halls. It was called Wansheng Garden in the Qing Dynasty (literally it means the Garden of 10,000 animals).
The highlight of Beijing Zoo is for many the hall of the giant panda. As everyone knows, the giant panda is native to China and recognized as one of China’s national treasures and a national symbol.
Traveler Description: The Beijing Zoo is the oldest zoo in China and has a wide variety of animals, including the giant panda, the golden monkey, the white-lipped... more » Know about Beijing Zoo? Share your expertise with other travelers. Add to this description now.
We went to the Beijing zoo with our two kids, aged 7 and 3 in end october. Our expectations were low, taking in account the reviews we red before.
* Beijing Zoo, Pékin (Beijing) * Beijing Zoo, Beijing * Beijing Zoo, 北京 * 北京动物园, 北京市
Beijing Zoo & Aquarium: Noahs Ark (in a Cage) * Tip Rating: * By jono84 on August 2, 2004
The Beijing Zoo is also adjacent to the Beijing Aquarium. The ticket price for each includes the other.
Send Photo to a FriendI used to go to Beijing zoo very often in my university time, you can see pandas in the zoo. Another part of this zoo is Beijing aquarium.
Beijing Zoo: A Place of Firsts The Beijing Zoo has a long and productive history with giant pandas. It was the first to breed giant pandas successfully.
In 1978, the Beijing Zoo was also the first to have birth result from artificial insemination. The Beijing Zoo is very large and sits just outside of town along a canal that flows all the way to the Summer Palace.
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Beijing zoo is famous, naturally, for its large selection of pandas. However, for some strange reason, the panda display is an additional price on top of the price of admission.
The Beijing Zoo is located in the north west of Beijing not too far from the center. A taxi from the center might cost you somewhere from 20 RMB to 25 RMB.
The following is the name of the Beijing Zoo in Chinese, you can print and hand to the taxi driver. 北京动物园 Recommended tour operator tour-beijing.
Beijing Zoo was initially named Ten Thousand Animal Garden which was built in 1908. The Zoo was originally the imperial manor in the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644). Plants were cultivated and animals were raised here during the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911).
Beijing Zoo mainly exhibits wild and rare animals growing in China, such as the Panda and the Golden Monkey. Also, it boasts many rare animals from all around the world, such as White Bear from the North Pole, Kangaroo from Australia, Zebra from Africa.
The location of today's Beijing Zoo was first known as "The Garden of Happiness and Friendship" and originated as the site of an Imperial Mansion during the Ming Dynasty.
Beijing Zoo as an institute however was first established in 1906 AD, during the 32nd year of the Reign of Emperor Guangxu, the very last years of the Ching Dynasty that ended in 1911 (Pu Yi).
Entrance to Beijing Zoo in Spring the 1980's. Beijing Zoo 2005 Ticket Passersby in front of the Beijing Zoo's Entrance in Haidian District (Photo November 2004).
Beijing Zoo, situated to the west of Beijing Exhibition Center, was known for a short time after the founding of the People's Republic as the Western Suburbs Park (Xijiao Gongyuan).
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Beijing Zoo is on Xizhimenwai Street (Xizhimenwai Dajie), in the downtown Beijing area of Xicheng District. With an area of 90 hectares (222 acres), it ranks the largest zoo in China.
Beijing Zoo, so I took it as a personal challenge to do so; it didn’t took long to get disappointed and find that it wasn’t so hard to do it.
Beijing ZooIn the 18th century, the zoo was known as the Sanbeizi Gardens, supposedly named after the third son of Emperor Kangxi, Prince Cheng Yin.
Panda House,BeijingThe busiest area of the Beijing Zoo is the famous Panda House, home to giant and lesser pandas of China. It is located in the northwest area of Beijing. Don't miss the small Red Pandas in the trees as you exit.
Situated near to the Beijing Zoo and largest ocean park in Asia, this 3-star budget hotel provides a pleasant cultural atmosphere and is easily accessible by public transportation.
Beijing Zoo Showcases Giant Pandas in Two Houses = Zoo Is Home to 7,000 Animals, But Most People Go to See Rare Bears - © Cheryl Probst Mar 2, 2009 Giant panda,
Cheryl Probst The Beijing Zoo specializes in animals native to China. Most of these get scant attention as people mainly want to see the giant panda, the symbol of China to the world.
The Beijing Zoo also has red pandas, which look a lot like raccoons. Zoo visitors rarely give these a glance as they rush to the panda pavilion. The Beijing Zoo underwent extensive remodeling for the 2008 Olympics.
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Nonetheless, the Beijing Zoo is a favorite among tourists to the city. Not only is it famous for its rare animals and for its native Chinese displays, but it is most well known for its care and protection of the Chinese giant pandas that it cultivates.
The land on which the Beijing Zoo sits has always been a beautiful site. In fact, it is so attractive that it was set aside by noblemen and emperors to be used as parks on their estate.
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Beijing ZooUnder the successive rule of the Northern Warlords, the Japanese and the Kuomintang, the park became increasingly desolate. The only elephant died in 1937, and the Japanese, under the pretext of protecting themselves against air raids, poisoned the remaining lions, tigers and leopards.
Like the National Zoo, Beijing Zoo has an off-exhibit breeding and husbandry center with room to house a few hundred animals. We took a day trip to this site to study two of the pandas that were there.