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Artis, Amsterdam, Netherlands

List of animals in Artis, Amsterdam

Japanese macaque or snow monkey
Bolivian squirrel monkey
Black spider monkey
Patagonian mara
Giant anteater
Maned wolf
Red-necked wallaby
Cotton-top tamarin
Golden lion tamarin
Brazilian agouti
Guianan saki
Owl-faced monkey
Emperor tamarin
Goeldi's marmoset or Goeldi's monkey
Red-chested mustached tamarin
Prevost's squirrel
White-eared marmoset
Ring-tailed lemur
Rock cavy
Dwarf mongoose
Cape porcupine
South American coati
Eurasian lynx
African wild dog
Northern raccoon
Seba's short-tailed bat
Large hairy armadillo
Pygmy mouse
Nine-banded armadillo
Asiatic elephant
European bison or wisent
Malayan tapir
Spectacled bear
California sea lion
Scimitar-horned oryx
Black wildebeest or white-tailed gnu
Grevy's zebra

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Artis is one of the best.A lots of animals were on display.Some of the enclosures were a bit...
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* Artis Photos on Flickr Read All (2) Guides * Artis Zoo / Sights & Activities A regal entrance detailed with gilded eagles and ornate gates
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Located in the heart of Vienna, the Artis Hotel is just a short walk from the historic city centre. The hotel is also close to the city's famous sights, such as Palace Belvedere, Hundertwasser House, the State Opera, Akademie Theatre and the Konzerthaus.
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Malaysia Koleksi Artis Tercantik Malaysia, Artis Malaysia, Artis Mela...
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Show Artis at the top of the results Get RatesGet Rates View map of Artis Similar 4 star class hotels
Artis: Great deals on Vienna hotels See 7 Photos User Rating 3.
Artis Description - The hotel is well maintained. PL 03/08 This is a modern building with a concrete facade. The hotel is located in the Embassy district of Vienna and is close to the Belvedere Castle.
ARTIS Study Tours is excited to make available to artists and art lovers this truly unique island adventure. Located in the Indian Ocean between Australia and Southeast Asia, Bali is one of the Indonesian archipelago's most beautiful and culturally vibrant islands.
these classes, we at ARTIS feel they are the highlight of the trip. The Balinese instructors are warm and enthusiastic, speak English and work with students at all levels of proficiency. This tour is a special opportunity for an insider’s view into this fascinating and complex culture.
* Work with Balinese artists in the renowned art villages of Ubud and Mas. * Four performances of traditional dance. * Extensive touring of east and south Bali, visit puppet makers.
I am not usually one to complain, but how the Artis ever got four stars is a total mystery. It should be referred to the Viennese Tourist Board for review.
Artis has engineered state-of-the-art technologies with applications in advanced defense systems.
Artis has contrived award-winning technologies which focus in areas such as motion-sickness reduction and ambulatory motion measurement systems. More> Copyright 2002-2004 Artis, LLC.
Welcome to Res Artis the worldwide network of artist-residencies and residential art centers.
Res Artis began in 1993 as a volunteer organisation to represent and support the needs of residential arts centers and programs internationally through dynamic exchange of information and face-to-face meetings.
Res Artis is promoting the understanding of the catalytic role residential arts centers play in the development of Contemporary Arts in all cultures worldwide and across all creative media.
(Redirected from Artis)Jump to: navigation, searchFor the player of the spoons, see Artis the Spoonman.For the NASA camera project, see ERAST Project.
zoo artis has a planetarium, a geological museum and a zoological museum. It is commonly referred to as just Artis, because the zoo has three gates with Artis Natura Magistra written above them (as shown on the picture).
knew it as Artis Natura Magistra and so it became known as Artis. It was where the last ever quagga on the planet in captivity was held before it died in 1883.
Artis Suite Hotel is a deluxe Hotel with a unique comfort and beautifulSuites - It is located near the famous Semper Opera and the Frauenkirche - The Hotel offers 79 Suites all equipped with full kitchen - big bathroom with shower - radio and CD-player
ARTIS CENTRUM HOTELS, situated in the Old Town of Vilnius, is a superior-class hotel with a harmonious synthesis of appealing architecture, modern technology and historic surroundings.
Located in the very centre of Vilnius Old Town, the hotel Artis is situated in the renewed 19th century building. The majority of the remarkable historical objects of Vilnius are within an easy walking distance from the Artis.
Artis Indonesia Bugil is an Informational Webpage about Indonesian Celebrities. For many Indonesian Citizens in the US we are the sole source of information on society events in there homeland.
Most Artis Indonesia Bugil pictures come from questionable sources in Seminyak, Legian, Bali and it remains unknown if there are genuine picture among the huge amount of fake pictures.
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Unfortunately Artis Hotel Vienna is currently unavailable. Click here for available last minute hotels in Vienna.
You'll discover the ARTIS HOTEL WIEN in the heart of Vienna, just a short walk from the historic city center.
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