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Armadale Reptile Centre, Armadale, Australia

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The Armadale Reptile Centre is a zoological garden in Armadale, Western Australia that focuses on herpetology and wildlife endemic to Western Australia. Links -
The Armadale Reptile Centre is located on the South Western Highway, just three kilometres from Armadale and a forty five minute drive from Perth.
The Armadale Reptile Centre offers a great option for birthday parties. The centre provides a fantastic opportunity to experience a fun day out while learning about Australian wildlife.
The Armadale Reptile Centre provides a wonderful opportunity for visitors to see native animals in their natural surroundings. It also enables future identification of these animals. In particular venomous and non-venomous snakes if they are ever encountered in the bush, homes or in backyards.
Each year the Armadale Reptile Centre receives many requests for their Reptile Rescue service, from people needing unwanted reptile visitors removed from their properties. Most reptiles are returned to safe havens after being carefully checked to ensure they are in good health.
The Armadale Reptile Centre has the need to establish a hospital/incubation facility, not only to tend to these injured animals, but also hatch reptile eggs laid by gravid females brought to the centre and those laid by display animals.
The Armadale Reptile Centre also has within its care some of Australia’s vulnerable native fauna. One of which is the Baudins white tailed black cockatoo. Education should always remain one of the highest priorities of all wild life exhibitors.
move/relocate heavy objects (the Armadale Reptile Centre is currently having to decline valuable offers for animal housings as they don’t have the means to collect these), garden sheds (to put things out of the elements like fish tanks, cages and other things that aren’t currently used),