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Apenheul, most of them not separated from the public), Netherlands

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Original source: Black-capped Squirrel Monkey (Saimiri boliviensis). Picture taken in Apenheul zoo, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. Photo by Jens Buurgaard Nielsen
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Apenheul is a zoo in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. It specializes in apes and monkeys. It opened in 1971 and was the first zoo in the world where apes and monkeys could walk around freely in the forest and between the visitors.
The Apenheul was conceptualised by photographer Wim Mager in the 60s, when it was legal for private citizens to own monkeys.
The Apenheul opened in 1971 as a small but revolutionary park housing wool-monkeys and other species. It was located in the nature park of Berg en Bos (Mountain and Wood) and proved popular with visitors and primatologists alike, leading to subsequent expansions.
Apenheul Primate Park Foundation = (situated in Berg and Bos Nature Park) Address: J.C. Wilslaan 21 7313 HK Apeldoorn Mail address: P.O.
Apenheul is open in 2009 from April 1st till November 1st, daily from 9.30 am till 5 pm. In July and August, daily from 9.30 am till 6.00 pm. In the weekends of May, June and September from 9.30 am till 6.00 pm.
In the winterperiod Apenheul is closed. The Naturepark Berg en Bos closes its doors 1 hour later than Apenheul, except in June, July and August when it closes at 6:30 p.m.
Apenheul verrast zijn bezoekers deze zomer met extra activiteiten: de Gorilla Games. Van 11 juli tot en met 23 augustus staat het apenpark in het teken van de gorilla’s. Bezoekers ontdekken zelf hoe gorillaharen aanvoelen, hoe gorillapoep ruikt en hoe een borstroffel klinkt.
finalespel in Apenheul, met als hoofdprijs: een speciale VIPdag. Lees meer - 29-06-2009 Flessen-aapje terug bij moeder! - In Apenheul is een babyaapje met de fles grootgebracht.
Apenheul is enorm trots op dit sifaka succes! Lees meer - 24-06-2009 Met korting naar Apenheul - Apenheul en het Wereld Natuur Fonds spannen zich in 2009 samen in
amphibians! In Apenheul visitors can also contribute. In 2007 the European zoos came in action for Madagascar. See also:
The Apenheul in Apeldoorn is a zoo that specializes in just one type of animal: monkeys. The smaller kinds of monkeys walk freely among the visitors. This is a lot of fun for both.
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Apenheul has been designed almost fenceless. Some of the nearly thirty species live on islands, others like the cute squirrel monkeys mingle freely amongst the visitors.
Sep 11, 2007 The Apenheul in Apeldoorn is a zoo where you will find all kinds of different monkeys. You can actually walk in between the monkeys without them being behind fences. It's very nice to watch the monkeys play and climb the trees.
Something nice to see at the Apenheul is when the monkeys are being fed. When the weather allows it, visitors can go and see how the caretakers feed the monkeys. There is a schedule on wich the different times and locations for the feeding can be seen.
Apenheul is a zoo in Apeldoorn, Netherlands, specialized in monkeys. for more information: article in English Wikipedia on "Apenheul" nl: Apenheul is een dierentuin in Apeldoorn, waar hoofdzakelijk apen worden gehouden.
Apenheul is a wonderful primate park that animal lovers won't want to miss.
How to find Apenheul in Apeldoorn 80 Km east of Amsterdam, well signposted Train: Take train to Amersfoort/Enschede. Leaves every 30 minutes. Duration of journey 1 hour 15 minutes. From Apeldoorn CS, take bus 2 or 6 (15 minutes).
Opening hours 2001 Apenheul is open every day from April through October. In winter Apenheul is closed for visitors. April - October daily 09.30 to 17.00 hrs June, July and August daily 09.30 to 18.
Apenheul Primate Park opened in 1971 as a small primate park with a revolutionary concept: to allow the monkeys freedom of movement and allow them to mingle with the visitors. However, visitors were - and still are - strictly advised to leave the animals in peace.
opportunity to photograph these cute monkeys, the Apenheul is definitely the place to visit. To take full advantage of Flickr, you should use a JavaScript-enabled browser and install the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player.
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Edit This Apenheul Primate Park is one of the nicest zoos in the world. Hundreds of primates - 35 species of monkeys, apes and lemurs - live in great freedom in the forest at Apeldoorn (near National Park de Hoge Veluwe).
Orangutans in the Apenheul Primate Park near Apeldoorn, in the western Netherlands, will soon be able to communicate by means of an Internet connection with their counterparts in a park on Borneo in Indonesia.
Apenheul, spread over 12 hectares, was a revolutionary concept when it was set up in 1971, allowing primates and people to interact in an open environment, although with strict rules against touching or feeding the animals. Story here.
Stichting Apenheul (Apenheul Primate Park) (Established 1971) Zoological Garden Web Site: Director: L.E.M. de Boer Phone: 31 (55) 3575700 Fax: 31 (55) 3575701 E-Mail: J.C.
This picture is made in the Apenheul in The Netherlands. The monkeys were just feed. A little cute baby gorilla! Please give some comments. I'm learn to photograph, so I like to know what you think of this picture.
A Javan lutung escaped from the Apenheul in Apeldoorn on Wednesday. The orange ape is suspected to be wandering through the Apeldoorn woods, the park organisation said on Thursday.
Apenheul is asking people who see the ape to report the sighting. The park said the lutung is not dangerous. Lutungs live on leaves. This ape is related to the one that escaped from the animal park Diergaarde Blijdorp last June.