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Alameda Wildlife Park, Gibraltar

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Alameda Wildlife Park on Gibraltar, and word is that she's very well up to male company in spite of her high age.
The Alameda Wildlife Park began in 1994 as a collection of parrots, land tortoises and monkeys all confiscated from illegal traders who were passing through Gibraltar. The local Customs authorities handed these animals to G.O.N.H.S.
and so the Alameda Wildlife Park was born. The Alameda Wildlife Park is still under construction and will be for some time, but three quarters of the park are open for public viewing.
The Alameda Wildlife Park is located within the beautiful Gibraltar Botanic Gardens in the Alameda which dates back to 1816. The grounds on which the park stands were formerly a pitch and putt mini golf course.
Alameda Wildlife Park is small haven for animals seized by Customs or Police.
Alameda Wildlife Park is partly accessible to special needs, as it contains some steps which may be difficult to navigate. • Trafalgar Cemetery will permit access to some areas of the cemetery.
On the 6th of November the Alameda Wildlife Park welcomed the birth of a pair of Cotton-topped tamarin twins. The cotton-top tamarin is a small monkey about the size of a squirrel. It weighs less than 0.5 kg (1 lb).
The Alameda Wildlife Park, within the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens (the former miniature golf site), will be holding its second Annual Open Day on Sunday 10 May.
The Alameda Wildlife Park is also holding an Open 'fun' Day that day. The park will be open as from 10am to 4 pm.. The event is aimed at children, with competitions, bouncy castle, with talks on the animals and conservation issues.